Membership Registration Information

Download the Membership Registration Forms HERE.

We offer a two week free trial membership to anyone who wants to find out more about our group.  This will give you ample time to get a feel for our group and to get any necessary paperwork in, if you decide to join.  Just use the Contact Us form to request a trial membership.

* * The following fees are due when you submit your registration. * *
-->Annual Membership Fee (per household) = $10, payable to MICAH.  This fee covers basic group expenses throughout the school year and will not be prorated for those who join after the start of the school year. 
• MICAH memberships are yearly and expire on August 31st.
• If you are a current member and your information has not changed in the past year, just fill out the waiver and release forms and mail those in along with the $10 membership fee.
• If you plan on enrolling in co-op, you can mail the membership and co-op paperwork together.

Interested in our co-op classes? Click HERE!